Remote Sensing

Eesti metsakaart
Forest Map of Estonia, U. Peterson

Remote Sensing of Vegetation

Remote sensing of vegetation includes investigating physical bases of remote sensing, satellite measurements and of course below atmosphere research from airborne devices and on land field and laboratory measurements.

Theoretical models of vegetation reflectance are developed to give below atmosphere support for satellite measurements.

Workgroup leader: Andres Kuusk

Õitsev Läänemeri
Algal bloom in the Baltic Sea 
K. Alikas

Water Remote Sensing

The purpose of Water Framework Directive of European Union is to create uniform evaluation system for inland waters and increase the quality of the water bodies.

To achieve that goal, Tartu Observatory is collecting regular field data from Estonian lakes and coastal areas, in co-operation with foreign partners also from beyond, in order to create algorithms that can be used to derive necessary information from data collected with satellites, airborne machines and marine vessels.

Workgroup leader: Anu Reinart

Atmosfääri seire
Seasonal correlation of Estonian and Arctic temperature. E. Jakobson

Remote Sensing of Atmosphere

We have prepared solar radiation datasets for all potential users. We have regular recording of UV-radiation, sunphotometer measures several atmosphere parameters.

Atmosphere humidity content is measured using GPS-method. Using atmospheric reanalyses, climate variability roots and connections are studied. 

Workgroup leader: Erko Jakobson

International Research Partners in the Field of Remote Sensing

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Latest publications in the Field of Remote Sensing

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Teaching in the Field of Remote Sensing

University of Tartu, Estonia

  • LOFY.05.031 Environmental Remote Sensing I (3ECTS)
    Krista Alikas, Tiit Nilson, Jan Pisek, Olaf Krüger, Ave Kodar, Martin Ligi
  • LOFY.05.053 Remote Sensing of Environment II (3ECTS)
    Krista Alikas, Tiit Nilson, Jan Pisek, Joel Kuusk, Mait Lang, Olaf Krüger
  • LOOM.02.012 Remote Sensing I (3ECTS) - Urmas Peterson
  • LOFY.01.004 Measurements and Measurement Uncertainties (3 EAP) - Erko Jakobson
  • LOFY.05.034 Remote Sensing Image Processing I (3 ECTS) - Uno Veismann
  • LOFY.05.012 Remote Sensing of Vegetation (3 ECTS) - Tiit Nilson

University of Life Sciences, Estonia

  • MI.0820 Environmental monitoring (4 ECTS) - Urmas Peterson
  • MI.0936 Remote sensing of nature (4 ECTS) - Mait Lang
  • PK.1022 Environmental physics (3 ECTS) – Margit Aun